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Many of my readers are drowning in debt or they are wondering about how they will be able to retire. Since I'm in a position where I meet a lot of people and I have a large online presence, I sometimes find out about things before the general public. In the year 2003, and already hugely successful company in Europe arrived in the USA. They've completed the set up; phase 1. Now the company is in phase 2 and seeking consumers, merchants and builders (who bring merchants and consumers together). I will give away a free shopping card to any reader who watches these two videos and requests it. Read on my friend... 

The Money problem and the Money solution.

3 Step Solution to Money Problems

·         College debt?
·         Retiring or retired with no money?
·         Working several jobs and not getting ahead?

Any of these may be your “problem”; or something similar.

How can I pay off my college debt or double my income?

Read this article for the answer.

Retiring or retired? Want to know how much you’ll need to retire?

Take the annual amount of money you want per year at retirement, divide it by 4% to know how much you need saved when you retire.
EXAMPLE: To have $50,000 yearly income at retirement you’ll need (scroll down for the answer). ANSWER: $1.25 MILLION!!!

Here’s the solution:

1.      Can you ask people for their opinion on something?
2.      Can you then direct them to watch 2 videos; “The Problem” and “The Solution”?
3.      Can you let us assist you in training you in helping others repeat this process?

Seems simple enough, right? Well it is; success is simple, but not necessarily “easy”. What makes it “hard” is what’s between our ears.

Start the process this moment; don’t wait any longer. Visit: and watch the 2 videos*. Then if interested in getting more information, complete the application on the same page.

*NOTE: The videos are being updated all the time. On the webpage, the second video has been updated. To watch the second video, click on this link:

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