Ter Scott of the Attainment on Call Program says: It's Not Just about the Money!

It's not just about money; do what you love and yes, the money really does follow! Hold on to the vision; don't give up, it will come to you. Remember, I call it the Major 8; not the Major 1! There are seven other areas that we'll be covering in these 52 weeks together.

So what’s this all going to cost me, you are asking. I know that this is usually the bottom line in most our decisions to move ahead on something. And I also know what you are thinking; you are probably thinking only in monetary terms. This will also “cost” you time and commitment to visiting the site every day. In this year of coaching you’ll learn to think in all areas of the Major 8; not just in the financial area!

The price of this program is high enough to discourage people who are not serious enough to learn how to attain and then follow the steps and “assignments” each week. 

I’m not going to “hard sell” you on your dreams and what you want out of your life, and in these next 12 months; that’s your job. If you are serious join us; if not, continue to live like you have been. I know that may be harsh but if it sounds that way, maybe you need to “hear” it that way. Think about it for a moment; has anything really changed over the past five years for you? Think of where you were and what you were doing five years ago. Now think of your present situation. Has anything really changed (except for being five years older???). 

To make some changes in your life, one needs to make some changes in their life. And you might have heard the definition of insanity as: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. 

Today you can break the chain of “unchanged”; change! 

Visit my site for more information and find out just how affordable the program is! 

When 50 people are signed up, that’s it until next year. Don’t put this off, it may be the most life changing thing you’ve ever experienced! Go here now: www.terscott.com/gotoattain.

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