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To make some changes in your life, one needs to make some changes in their life. And you might have heard the definition of insanity as: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. 

Today you can break the chain of “unchanged”; change! 

You can register now for the Attainment On Call, PRIVATE FACEBOOK ATTAINMENT Coaching. That will start in January. There is only a two month window to join this private group starting today but it will be closed sooner if 50 people join sooner. 

 "Seeking the tangible will bring you to the intangible which will give you the tangible to support the intangibles." - Ter Scott!

Here's what I mean by that. First to define; tangibles are things you can touch and hold like a car or house.  Things that you cannot are intangible; like love, and loyalty. Some people think that it's not right to have "things" or want "things" but it is "things" that help us to be better providers and able to support the intangibles that are very important to us. Secondly, when people have "things" as goals, and desire to attain them, they need to know that they may not get the thing directly, but indirectly by some intangible means or circumstance. 

Using my quote above, let me explain it further with this example. Let's say that you want a car; a new car; a Mercedes car. That is a tangible thing. Now by doing something for someone else; something "intangible" like loving and caring for that person you meet someone who no longer has a need for their car and wants to give it away or sell it very cheaply, and guess what, it's a Mercedes; just like you wanted. Now that you have the car, you use it in an intangible way by giving people rides to work when they don't have transportation. So, you looked for something tangible, an intangible opportunity came your way and by you acting on it, you were rewarded with your tangible desire and you are now equipped to do something in an intangible way. The gift keeps giving. Just be open to acting when you are inspired. Don't always think that the things you want will come directly to you, they may come to you via a series of actions. 

These are the kind of things we'll explore together in the Attainment on Call Private Membership program in 2014. I'm excited because I'll experience wonderful things right along with you and the other members who join us, as the year unfolds. But together we can shape our outcomes and be better off in all areas of the Major 8 when the year ends. 

The price to become part of this exclusive ATTAINMENT group is $100 per month for 12 months payable monthly or $1100 for a full year when prepaid. Visit my page: to register. When 50 people are in, this page will remain so it can be used the following year if I repeat the program but the PayPal register buttons will be removed.
If you are unable to join the group this year, I recommend regularly visiting (and commenting in) my FREE BLOG: But if you can get the money gathered to make this work and join, awesome! You will not be sorry. In 12 months you will be attaining much more than you ever imagined! Take the next step. Visit This is cheaper than any college course (and I’m not knocking education; I have taught at schools both public and private and at colleges) and you will see results in all of the Major 8.
See you at the site!

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