Create a "ritual" to use prior to doing regular activities

As a public speaker and trainer I offer helps to others. One of my other blogs is called: Instant Public Speaker. This is where I help people to become, like the title implies, and "instant public speaker".

The reason why I'm telling you about this here is that I wrote an article for speakers to help them achieve greater results and better presentations by using visualization rehearsals. You can read the entire article in just a moment if you want, but I especially wanted to tell you the "tip" I gave in the article:

TER’S TIP: You may want to have a “ritual” (I strongly suggest it) that you always do so prior to your speaking, so something is always real, that you can depend. For instance, your ritual could be that you always do three things prior to each speech: enjoy a breath mint, a cool drink from a water bottle, and turn the ring on your finger while telling yourself that you’ll do a great job, that you love your audience and that they love you. Then when you visualize this, then when you actually start your presentation by actually doing these three things, your subconscious is well on its way to moving forward in bringing you the exact results desired!
As I write this I remembered the ritual/routine of the football players banging on the mascot sign as they left the locker room in the movie Rudy. People visualize all the time. People bang on their own walls of habits without thinking. But, are these good visualizations, and good habits? Hopefully the answer to that question is a resounding "yes"!
I share with my readers here this tip, not because you may be, or become a speaker (instantly or not), but that you can use visualization rehearsals for many things that you do, playing guitar, singing, performing, asking for a raise, doing better on your phone calls, having a better relationship at your work or home.
I will paraphrase an old advertising commercial told us: "Try it, you'll like it". Use visualization in some area today and let me and the other readers here about it.
Make it a great day!
PS. Here's the link to the Instant Public Speaker article:

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