Affirm Health

"I decree, I declare, I affirm, that health, wealth, wisdom and prosperity are mine".
Today I’m starting a series of “Affirming…” each of the Major 8.
We’ve talked about the 10 Secret Rules of Attainment and how to attain each of these Major 8 things that people desire, but now I want to speak a bit about each specifically and how to “affirm” each. If you’ve not read the previous about the 10 Secret Rules, be sure to do so now, and even if you’ve been with me this far, you may want to review each of the 10 before you go on.
You’ll remember that the Major 8 things people desire are: Good Health, enjoyment of food, a restful night’s sleep, money, life and a legacy, sexual gratification, well being of your children and those you love, and a feeling of importance.
I’ll start with the first of the Major 8 which is “good health” and now speak specifically about this. Because I’m speaking about health, I must present a caveat here as we live among people who may choose to take my words or motivation incorrectly. Understand as I’m sharing with you in my books, seminars, and in this section, that I’m not a doctor and I am not prescribing anything; except that I’m encouraging you in confessing good things and having a proper attitude. So, because of the high litigation society in which we live, here is my blanket statement of “legal stuff”:
This material is created to provide guidance with the understanding that the publisher or author is not rendering legal, accounting, financial, medical or other similar professional services. If any type of the above mentioned advice and counsel is required, the services of a certified professional should be sought. Everyone’s situation is unique and specific questions should be addressed to an appropriate professional.
Now, let’s continue. Just talking about the subject of health, causes you to focus attention on it, which in itself is good. Just as with anything, we get what we focus on and the outcome of what we get is due to how, whether positively or negatively, as how we focus on it.
We have to identify the “problem” we are having with health, wealth, or wisdom, etc. (again I don’t believe in “problems” so from here on I’ll use the words: “opportunity” or “situation”), to be able to move ahead. Since we are speaking specifically about health, what is your situation with your health; would you rate it poor, good, excellent or somewhere in between? Have you had a check up lately? We have to know where we are before we can move to where we want to be. If we see that the situation is that we do indeed have poor health, it is up us to improve it. We need to take the measures within our means to correct course. We may need to visit a doctor and get a professional view, take counsel, and adjust our course of living to modify and make ourselves better. May people see a health professional but do not heed the advice. This is surely a mistake. Seek professional counsel and then add to this with a positive affirmation such as repeating “I am healthy” several times in the morning, noon, and at night before retiring. The Bible is full of affirmations (and power) so choose a verse that applies to your health situation, and stand firm on it, and repeat it daily as above. Another affirmation is: “God in the midst of me is mighty in life, health and strength; I claim life, health and strength.” You can create you own!  
I must always remind you that simply affirming something, without taking the action to correct course, will not take your ship to your harbor of choice. Today I hope I got you actively thinking in that direction. When you think about something long enough (focus), you will eventually do everything to make things happen. Affirmations can be your power to go forward. When you affirm things, you use words, words have power. Your affirmations get the “universe” to remove obstacles and line up events with your goals to assist you; this is called “faith”.  
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