Do you have the desire to succeed? Do you have the “burn”?

In a book titled: “All You Can Do is All You Can Do” by insurance industry success giant of the eighties, A.L. Williams, I learned again about the power of desire in reaching one’s goals. In the introduction of his book, author Art tells us: “I discovered that you don’t have to have extraordinary abilities to succeed. You can be the most common person in the world and still do something uncommon with you life”.  He goes on further to tell us that the only real credentials are willingness to work and a burning desire to “be somebody”.
In Tom Hopkins’ book: “How to Master the Art of Selling” offers so many real life tips that can help anyone in life that it could also be called, “How to Master the Art of Living”, also shares something about the importance of desire. Tom offers 12 qualities that make a champion salesperson; number 7 is desire. He tells us “A quality I can’t measure, but I know it’s always present in Champions, is the burning desire to achieve. Interesting isn’t it, that both authors did not use the word “desire” alone, but also coupled it with the word: “burning”.
Today consider your desires to attain, how strong are they? Do you have the “burn” to make it happen?

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