Wish well for others, and wish that they wish well for you!

10 Rules July 18, 2011
“I decree, I declare, and I accept: I think well of others, and wish well of others in my thoughts, words, and deeds, while I and they, attain”.
Remember that prosperity is not just “money” but all of the resources that you have been given. That’s why we need to understand that we can have been granted all of the Major 8 and simply need to accept them and use them to the fullest extent in our life. Since money is indicative as a measure of our success, sometimes we only think of money to the exclusion of all the rest. Here I will again use “money” as the example, but understand that you can and should replace the word money here for any of the other elements of the Major 8.
Here is will speak of the Golden Rule of Prosperity and speak of “money” but after you read this section, reread it, but replace the word “money” with any of the Major 8 that you are seeking or currently “working” on. You want to master all of them to enjoy a full and happy life.
Here’s the Golden Rule: Think well of others at the same time you are thinking of yourself in all areas of the Major 8.
People stop their own attainment in the Major 8 when they confess and affirm good things for themselves, but then state otherwise about others. Many times it’s certainly without intent or malice, but it is harmful just the same. We’ve all heard it and have done it: “They don’t have a cent to their name”, “He’s a loser”, “She has 3 kids, she’s on welfare, and will never amount to anything”, etc. Every time you say this, you are “wishing” this (continual situation) on them. But life is a mirror, and your ears only hear your words, and it comes back on you. That’s why we too, want others to speak well of us!
A.L. Williams, in his book: “All You Can Do is All You Can Do” tells a story in which a person “wishes” bad for someone, not directly dealing with money, but with IQ or “smarts” in “test taking”. In this story it is smarts and not money (however money is mentioned at the end of the story, used to indicate the measure of success between the bully and the victim). While reading about this story, remember it could be money, smarts, and looks, something about your kids, sex life, respect or any of the Major 8. Here’s the story:
This man did not test well in high school, but he was well liked by other students. His scores weren’t due to lack of study, indicated by the light on in his room late at night as he studied hard. One of his best friends always did well, seemingly without much effort.
While juniors, both of the boys took the college entrance exams together. The “smart” one did pretty well, but the one who did not test well, received a terrible score. He made the mistake of telling his “best” friend what his score was. As a cruel joke, his (so called) best friend would see him across the school campus and yell to him: “Hey, 680!” Everyone would laugh. It obviously was humiliating.
Today (the book was written in the eighties) the boy who didn’t test well is making $75,000 per year and by now probably has approached financial independence and the “smart” boy is basically penniless, and can’t seem to hold a job.
Now reread read this section again, but replace the word “money” with any of the Major 8.
Wish well for others and when you see the fall, don’t gloat; help. When you see others succeed, know that the Universe is big enough for both of your dreams, wishes, desires and goals.
Remember the Major 8: Good Health, enjoyment of food, a restful night’s sleep, money, life and a legacy, sexual gratification, well being of your children and those you love, and a feeling of importance. Then, wish them upon everyone and wish that others will wish them on you.

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