Get High on Your Dreams, Goals, Desires and Wishes!

I decree, I declare, I accept: "I believe in my dreams enough to push through any obstacle, to feel the euphoria of achievement of accomplishment".
In your quest for success in achieving any or all of the major 8, be sure to add action and push through.
A person can find “gems” of wisdom anywhere and everywhere. I mostly find the things I share with you in books. Along with the other books I read on a daily basis which includes topics such as gemstones, motivation, inventions, creativity, getting rich, etc. I also read a biography of interesting people. The book “Goldie, A Lotus Grows in the Mud” the author details on the inner front flap: “…Goldie talks about the lessons she’s learned, and the wisdom she feels she’s been given, in the hope of giving something back”. That right there is why I’m prompted to include this book in my recommendations.
I must confess that I’ve “been in love” with Goldie since I first saw her in the seventies on TV and later in movies, as she truly radiates “life and happiness” in every picture and movie I’ve seen. She has such a wonderful and very unique countenance that has retained the childlike look of innocence and happiness; traits that we all appreciate and wish for ourselves. Reading only the first few pages, I learned that her dream for what she wanted to be when she grew up was “happy”.
Well, it definitely is a great book, is well written, reads easily reads much like a screenplay complete with foreshadowing, a plot ordainly casted with real characters.
What I wanted to share from this book is on page 36 where Goldie explains what dancing meant and I'm sure still means to her:
“For me, dancing provided a physical euphoria that nothing else would ever touch. Anything after that felt like a cheap trick. To push yourself to the physical and mental limits, to ask yourself to deliver more than you think you possibly can and to come through, is the greatest high there is.”
It’s this paragraph that struck me as something worth sharing with the world, and I’m thinking that if these few pages are any indication, more such gems are forthwith in coming.
Understand that your dream, goal, wish, desire, whatever it is, can be inserted in place of Goldie’s dream of dancing above and if you truly believe it is “you”, then you too can feel the same euphoria. More importantly are the words that follow: “To push yourself to…” Remember that nothing happens unless you put action in your dream plan. No one else will or can do this for you. Little action brings “little” results. Big action brings “BIG” results, and even brings the results faster. It too brings obstacles faster, but they will come anyway, get through them faster! As Goldie says to push yourself , ask of  yourself and deliver more than you think you can, and you actually push through to the success you want, this is the greatest “high” there is.
I want you to get “high” on success, yours and others. This country and this world needs people to push toward their goals and achieve them and then teach others to do the same. Don’t rely on other friends, relatives, or the government to help you. You do it. You can. Get “high”!
Best of continued success! Ter Scott!

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