Rule 10 may be the most powerful (and dangerous) rule of all of the Secret Rules for Attainment.

“Have a high expectancy or have no expectancy”.

I decree, I declare, I accept:
"I have a high expectancy to achieve all that I may rightfully attain”.
I’m at my computer; I’ve literally just rolled up my sleeves, and have started to type my thoughts about the 10th Secret Rule for Attainment. It’s been over 19 weeks of sharing how you can attain any or all of the Major 8; the big things in life that most people want. Having done this has blessed me in many ways and I hope that you too have seen results in the areas of improvement and attainment you desire.
I’m looking at my own full color “10 Rules for Attainment” sheet that I printed (you can too, click here). Mine has all kind of notes and checkmarks on it as I’ve continued from number one, through nine. Now after all of this time, we reach number ten. Here it is:
“Every good thing already exists in substance. Through your mental pictures, high expectancy, positive thoughts and action, it is yours.”
Let’s break this down to understand it all.
Every good thing already exists in substance.
You must know that this is true; look around you. By now you have learned to have an attitude of gratitude for what you hold; you have many good things in your own life that you realize and appreciate. You already have some or most (at least in some degree) of the Major 8. And as we talked about last time, others do too.
Currently, I live in the Twin Ports of Duluth Minnesota and Superior Wisconsin. As I was driving down one of the Duluth hills that overlook Lake Superior last evening while it was still light, I saw a full moon just above the lake, and a shimmering path going from the shore out to reach it stopping just below it on the horizon. To me, this was “one of those good things”. I remember seeing “good things” from around this beautiful earth in pictures on the Internet and in magazines. I saw “good things” when today I walked past a park where children were playing.
ACTION POINT: We both should carry a small notebook with us and every so often in the day we should make a note of the “good things” we see. Later transfer them into notebook that we label “Blessings” or “(Your Name Here Blessings”). This is much like the Gratitude book I’ve talked about. Read it often; especially on days that you may feel “down”.
The second part of this rule states:
“… Through your mental pictures, high expectancy, positive thoughts and action, it is yours.”
Your mental pictures are very important in your walk (or run) to attainment. We need to watch what “things” we place in our minds because it’s those things that make up our mental pictures. The mental pictures that we play about ourselves and our surroundings first in our minds (over and over) become reality in the physical. People can deny this all they want, but I know it to be true. There’s the saying about computer programing: “Garbage in, garbage out”. There are plenty of “bad” things that we are subjected to daily, but we can combat those visuals and negative thoughts by looking at our dream board, dream book, reading our gratitude and blessings books, listening and watching motivational materials. “Own your mental pictures, take responsibility for what is in your mind, because it will become your future!”
“Have a high expectancy or have no expectancy”. Helen Keller stated it wisely when she told us that “life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing”. Donald Trump reminds us of something that has been said many times over: “It takes as much energy to think big as it does to think small, so think big. I say “expect big”!
Others may question you when you “expect big things” and say you don’t deserve it, or won’t attain it. My question to them is why then when one plants a tomato seed that they soon expect to see a tomato vine; it’s the same principle. Think tomatoes, get tomatoes, think success and attainment, get success and attainment, expect a tomato, get a tomato and expect success, and you will get success!!!
Do you expect pennies? Do you expect dollars? Do you expect good health, food, sleep, money, a legacy, sexual gratification, the well being of your children, and do you expect importance and respect? Or, do you expect less, or loss?
Here is a short poem you may have heard, written by Jessie B. Rittenhouse, titled: My Wage.

ACTION POINT: It would be good to print this, cut it out and place it on our mirror to read morning and night:

“I bargained with Life for a penny,
And Life would pay no more,
However I begged at evening
When I counted my scanty store.

For Life is a just employer,
He gives you what you ask,
But once you have set the wages,
Why, you must bear the task.

I worked for a menial’s hire,
Only to learn, dismayed,
That any wage I had asked of Life,
Life would have willingly paid.”

So we’ve discussed that every good (and bad) thing does exist in nature. And, with our mental pictures, and high expectancy we can attain any and all of them. This is where I must stop and warn you
…Rule 10 may be the most powerful (and dangerous) rule of all of the Secret Rules for Attainment.  
I’ve talked about how every good thing already exists in substance. Sadly, just about all of the bad exists along with the good. Through a person’s mental pictures, high expectancy he or she can do just about anything; good or bad, and that’s why this rule, this “truth”, being so powerful, can be so dangerous.
It can be used for construction or destruction!
All of these rules require care in use, but rule number 10 is especially powerful. That’s why there is that two word “power phrase” tucked between the words “mental pictures, high expectancy” and “action”, to act as a resister much like one used in electronics so things don’t get too hot. Those two words are: “positive thoughts”. When reading and implementing these ten rules, one must read each with understanding and not miss anything.
Positive thoughts are essential in attaining anything. Elsewhere I’ve stated: “Positive thinking is great, but it is nothing without positive doing”.  Use “positive thoughts” as seasoning, to make all of the things you wish to attain palatable.
So you see here that the last word in rule number ten is “action”. I hear many times per week from others that “this stuff doesn’t work” etc., usually by those that are “stuck” in their rut. Days go by and life moves about all around them, like they are a leaf in a stream, caught by a rock or branch, until something larger comes floating by that knocks them loose.  Don’t wait until something good or less than good happens to you to knock you loose. You should “happen” to life not always have life “happen” to you! You be the one larger person that comes into the life of another who gives that gentle push, (with the velvet hammer sometimes) to get others moving. Just be sure that you do the same for yourself!
Rule number one starts with “Know” and rule number ten ends with “Action”.
First know, and then take action!
This ends our first walk through all of the ten steps. As I mentioned at the outset, we will continue to revisit each step and add more things as we go on. If you’ve been with me for these 19 entries; I congratulate you! Let me know what you’ve attained in your journey so far and I will use them in future blog entries.
Make it a great day!
Ter Scott!
“Own your mental pictures, take responsibility for what is in your mind, because it will become your future!” – Ter Scott!
“Positive thinking is great, but it is nothing without positive doing”. – Ter Scott!

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