Put faith in your mind, in place of your fear!

I decree, I declare, I accept:
“The Universe is big and unlimited, I shall not want”.
I’m currently reading a book that was written back in 1962; a time when twenty dollars bought more than it does today. It was a time when one hundred dollars was a lot of money because it had more buying power and bought more things; it had value. Certainly still, a twenty or a hundred dollar bill is a lot of money when you don’t have it; don’t get me wrong. But when I tell you this story from back in 1962 as how a woman received over $100 to pay her bills, know that just as assuredly in today’s terms, your blessing knows no limits and is relative to your needs today! Debts may be more in today’s terms, but you can be just as blessed and receive in greater “dollar amounts” because your source, your creator and the universe knows no boundaries, no time, and no limits.
The woman in the story uses a truth from the Psalmist who tells us: “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”. We can take that statement for what it is, or do what many people do and place our own limitations on it and believe it’s for someone else, not us. We can either understand this for what it is, “… I shall not want” or we choose to be the one who places limits on the word “want”. The choice is indeed ours. It doesn’t matter that the shepherd has everything and supplies everything without limits; we need to accept the fact, and the “goods”.
Now, here’s the story; paraphrased just a bit from how I remember it.
A woman needed $100 to pay bills that were due at the end of the week. (Remember, this was pre-1962. At that time it was just as painful as any bill we might have today). She had fear of not being able to pay these bills.
Fear can cripple us because it takes the place of faith in our minds. We can only think of one thing at a time. Here’s a quick test, for just a quick moment, think of a tiger. Did you see an elephant, a cat or dog, or any thing else for that matter? No you saw a tiger. So in the same way, you can either hold fear or faith in your mind; both can not occupy the same space. Place faith in your mind in place of your fear!
Now back to the story.
Whenever fear started to creep into this woman’s mind, she replaced that fear with faith by declaring: “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want”. She did this all week long, several times a day; she confessed this “prosperity” prayer.
Friday morning on the day when the bills were due, a check arrived in the mail for $110. It was even ten dollars more than she needed! The check came from a company her husband previously worked for. They were going through the books and found that they still owed him this money.
Yes, this was someone else’s story but your story can be similar and just as real with real results. As a matter of fact, here is a story that has started to unfold even as I’m writing this!
Something very interesting happened as I was writing this chapter. I usually take time out from my writing and come back to it later so I can be sure it is “my best” for the reader; it’s a type of “editing” while writing. During this break, I called someone because I wanted her to be encouraged by this story of how our 1962 woman had her needs provided for by repeating this “prosperity prayer”. Like the woman in the story, my friend also has some financial situations that she is currently working through. When I related this story to her over the phone, she told me that all day a song had been playing in her head, the song?  It was “The Lord is my Shepherd”! I told her that this was a confirmation for to her to “keep looking up” and to me to write this to you!
Fear leads to stress which stops you in your tracks from going ahead to improve your situation. Think good things with great expectations, and you banish fear.
Before I leave you today, I want to share a poem that I came across in my reading time. I want it to be an encouragement to you, so you know that good things are available to you; and that you can attain anything and any one of the Major 8 things:
1.    Good HEALTH
2.    The enjoyment of FOOD
3.    A restful night’s SLEEP
4.    MONEY (lot’s of it)and the things money can buy
5.    LIFE  (things money can’t buy) and LEGACY after your time on Earth
7.    The well being of your children and those you LOVE
8.    The feeling of IMPORTANCE and RESPECT
Here’s the poem:
Behind closed doors,
many stand and wait impatiently,
hoping someone will lend them a hand
by bringing then a key.

At last, in despair, they turn and go,
never having knocked.
And they live and they die
and never knew
it wasn’t locked!
Author Unknown

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want” is a prosperity prayer and should be cited over and over until we believe it and live it. Choose this as you “assignment” for this week if you’d like. See what great things come about because of it. Be sure to write any positive outcomes (whatever size, small or large) in your journal so you have “proof” that this does work in you life and you can build on them.
I remember hearing someone say, “I don’t merely believe in miracles, I rely on them”. Another great quote I recently heard is: “I don’t seek good fortune, I am good fortune”.
This week, let’s get out there and be good fortune…and, open doors!

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