Maintain what you attain; always have an attitude of gratitude. And... act!

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I decree, I declare, and I accept…
“I have an attitude of gratitude for everything I seek, and for what I have acquired.”

Action is the key to attaining. It does take faith, and courage to move forward but you do need to move forward. Move forward toward your goals and your goals will be accomplished. I promise, and this I know is true.

It's been said that he who does not work, does not eat. I say, he or she who does not act does not attain. First understand that you have dreams, desires, and goals. Don't be bashful, or shy, or embarrassed, about any of these. They have been given to you by your Creator. You are meant to achieve your potential. The exciting part is we truly don't know the extent of our potential. So today, I'm going to talk about action.

Yes, there are (and always will be) obstacles in your way between you and any of the Major 8; because anything worthwhile requires getting around, over, through, or under, these obstacles. Identify them, acknowledge them, but don’t set up camp and live with them. Remember, you are just passing through! We’ve discussed that some obstacles require little time, others require much time. Sometimes you are totally in control of this duration, and sometimes not. Again, know that you will, with persistence, move ahead.

If we were at a high summit; a mountaintop, we could look back and see the path that we've taken to get to that high point in our life. But when we are traveling forward to the mountaintop, we cannot see what lies before us. We see a glimpse when we turn the bend, or reach the top of a hill, and this should excite you to carry on.This is where it supports your faith to just go forward toward your dream.

When you reach a certain place in your walk, things will happen that will make the next step possible! Imagine walking toward the exit in a crowd filled the room. You see the crowd and can barely see the exit, and you certainly know that the exit is there. As you walk through that crowd to get that exit, people move out of your way (you may even meet some interesting people as you continue; some who may be able to assist you in your goals), allowing you to reach your goal of getting to, and through, that exit. Here’s another example. Imagine that you are driving, and you need to take a left turn into traffic. You see that there is a car coming however you determine that it is safe to pull out into traffic because you know that by the time the car reaches you; you’ll be at a safe point moving along at a safe speed right along with the other cars. Likewise, in the traffic of life, when you pull out into traffic (act), by the time you are in place, everything else is also in harmony with your goals. However, your part in all of this is that you need to act.

By acting you are in control of much of your destiny. We are not in total control of our destiny, because we are in the game with other players. The game of life is actually laid out for us, but with options as to which way to turn (in and out of this “traffic”) so we can have a choice in the matter, but it is a game, or journey, nonetheless. Is and what happens when we act, the creator, the universe, the force, moves things outside of our field of vision (that we would normally see if we rose above the situation, as on a mountaintop) to make it happen for us so that by the time we get out into traffic, or as we move to that crowd of people, we are able to eventually reach our goal.

Know that there are things happening for us beyond our vision, our line of sight that we don't know about or will never know about unless we act. Our action starts moving and influencing these unseen “puzzle pieces” consisting of people who can help us, positive situations, removing obstacles, building bridges and roads to our goals, and other good events making our way to our goal easier, quicker and possible.

So if you’ve not already, choose one or a few of the major eight (listed as number one on the 10 Secret Rules of Attainment Scroll), and again I'll describe them here because I have new viewers to this blog, so I will read them for you again here. But you do need to take and concentrate on one perhaps two of these goals and you can change them up week to week or month to month or even year-to-year, after you have attained a certain ones in different areas. You can multitask because all of these eight things are essential for a balanced life. But it's always good to lose focus on just a few. See success with just a few so your faith is built so you can move on and achieve, attain, other goals and dreams and wishes.

Because we have new readers to this blog, I will again share the major 8 which you can actually download free by looking for details on how to do so on this blog page. Here they are: good health, the enjoyment of food, a restful night sleep, money (lots of it) and the things money can buy, wife and a legacy after your time here on earth, sexual gratification, the well-being of your children and those you love, and a feeling of importance and respect.

When you have attained any of the major 8, you need to “maintain what you attain”.  When we have any of these major eight, we need to appreciate, and express an attitude of gratitude for them. When you have good health, it seems like you can tackle anything else that comes your way in life.

I understand in a real way, the enjoyment of food, and I am very thankful and try to express thanks at every meal, because there was a time some years ago when my jaw was actually wired shut for a full week, while I healed from a chainsaw accident to the face. Believe me, I still remember what I ate at my first meal that did not need to be taken in via a straw! And I was able to actually chew my meal, I was very grateful and I'll never forget the wonderful taste of Swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes.

We could certainly talk much about each one of these major eight and I probably will in future entries, but for now, I hope you  know that it's okay to desire and attain each and every one of these major eight. Know also that you are not being selfish when doing so, as long as you know that by doing so you are helping others and not hurting others.  Anyone and everyone can attain their own desire for their choice of any or all of these major 8 because we live in an abundant universe. As long as we share, it is okay to achieve and attain.

But to attain, you do need to act. So this week again choose one or two of these major eight desires to focus upon know that it is absolutely okay to achieve and attain any of them. Your Creator put that desire in your heart, and wants you to achieve and attain the fullest potential in that area. Not doing so would actually be an insult to your Creator. It's like you and I not accepting a gift given to us. 

Once when I was about 18, someone offered to give me a watch. I refused it and told my foster dad about the incident. He chastised me a bit and explained that refusing the gift was denying the pleasure of the giver and a real insult. Now, I have made it a practice to always accept a gift no matter how large or how small from anyone. Even if it's just a stick of gum; I thank the giver and place it in my pocket to enjoy at a later time. Because not accepting that gift by the giver is an insult, and hurts their feelings, it is a joy to give and I don't want to take that choice away from anybody. In the same way, when we do not live up to our potential and achieve and attain what is meant for us, we insult the giver; the master giver. So to attainand to achieve, we do need to act.

Action truly is the key to attainment. Move forward and your goals will be accomplished. I promise, and this I know is true. This week, act!

Are your actions moving you toward your goals/dreams/desires?
The greatest potential for control the ends to exist at the point where action takes place.
~ Louis A. Allen ~

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