10 Secret Rules for Attainment # 9: If others have attained this, so can you.

I decree, declare, and I accept: “If others have attained this, I can too”. (You may substitute any of the Major 8 for the word “this”).
We are now at the 9th rule of attainment; the rule that proves to you that “all things are possible”.
Previously I’ve mentioned how we need to look at our past successes, however small, and use them as motivating bounce boards to propel us forward to even larger successes. And hopefully this along with my encouragement (and that of others in your sphere) has shown you that you are no less and no better than any one else, but equally, they are no less or better than you. This means that what others have attained, you too can attain. Likewise, it is your responsibility to attain to your fullest potential because others are out there, and you are, and will be, the “other” to them. You have attained and become what they are hoping to emulate. We’re in this together. Others have attained, you see this and know that you too can attain. You attain, others see that and know that they can attain. It’s a wonderful circle of each helping the other. This is what I feel was meant by Margaret Fuller’s comment  : “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it”. This is what I’m doing by sharing my knowledge of these 10 Secret Rules of Attainment. We can easily replace the word “knowledge” in her quote with any of the Major 8.  If you have good health, let others light their candles at it”. If you have the ability to enjoy food, let others light their candles at it”. If you have the secret and the ability to have a good night’s rest, let others light their candles at it”.If you have money, let others light their candles at it”. If you have the answers to living a full life, and how to leave a legacy, let others light their candles at it”. If you have knowledge of how to have sexual gratification, let others light their candles at it”. If you have knowledge of how to protect and love your children and others, let others light their candles at it”. If you have knowledge of how to gain importance and respect, let others light their candles at it”. Just think of all of the books, and industries built on every one of these that have made our lives and this world better. Certainly, if you have knowledge and have attained any of the Major 8, let others light their candles at it!

There is enough to exceed everyone’s dreams, goals, and desires; especially knowing that everyone does not want to attain the same things. We all have our own dreams, wishes, and goals that have been placed in us by our creator. And to attain these is actually fulfilling and gratifying to our creator. Imagine, as a child, being given a brand new bike from our father and we choose not to ride it. Would this make him happy or would it be an insult? How different if we desired that bike, asked for it, worked for it, and when we finally received it, we loved it, took care of it, rode it and even shared it with our friends (as long as they too respected it and cared for it as much)? With the right motivation, you are not being selfish in seeking and achieving your dreams, wishes, and goals … they were meant to be!
Here’s your assignment. Collect pictures of things you desire from the Internet and magazines. Place them on a dream board, or in a dream book. Look at them often.
This week, take a walk and see the beautiful houses and cars on your street. Without coveting, being jealous or envious, silently bless the owners. When you see a man or woman walking happily with their children, silently bless them. Do the same when you see someone succeed in getting a promotion at work, a sale if you are on a sales team, when someone you know receives a gift, even when someone wins the lottery!
Know that you too can attain any of these same things because if others have attained them, you can too. Remember that they are no better or less than you, and you are not better or less than them. Also, that as you are watching them and seeing that they’ve attained, others (and sometimes even them) are watching you as you are the example… no pressure!
As long as you  truly want your dreams, goals, and wishes, work for them; taking all the steps, and then be responsible and maintain them (as mentioned previously; “maintain to attain”) then you can, will and should attain them. Others have and you can too.
Go forth and do great things!

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