The best medicine for people with hurts, is a healthy dose of "gratitude".

There definitely are people with hurts out there; believe I know as I have my everyday struggles as well. This last week I had to "put out some fires" that would probably put many people back to bed! To me they bring me to my knees and then I get myself up, brush myself off and forge ahead with greater determination. 

Someone on Facebook posted something about the hurts of people. This is my reply. I hope she (and you) don't think that I'm sugar coating anything or playing "Pollyanna" here:

I mentioned to someone yesterday that I do not merely believe in miracles but I rely on them. That quote is not "original" with me but I do mean it deeply. You are right that people are "hurting" and that is "life". When people always think of how they hurt, they will hurt more. As hard as it is to do, we must find things to be grateful for; no matter how little or insignificant we may think it is. This is because what we think about comes about. We always get more of what we think about. So I encourage anyone who is hurting in any area to find  something to be happy about and think on those things. And then, more of what you are happy about will come about. If I have family problems, I need to be grateful that I have a family. If I have job issues I need to be grateful that I have a job. I would encourage you to create a "I'm Grateful For..." journal. Place a few things in their everyday and build you faith. Keep lookin' up!

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