Give at least 10% in any area of life that you want a return.

Good day! I'm known online as the "Man of 100 Blogs" (and a few other things such as Life and Legacy Coach, the Bricks to Clicks Marketing Consultant, plus a few things I probably shouldn't mention here; not really, I think it's all good). Since I have at least 100 blogs out there all over the Internet, my aim is to post on at least 10 blogs (10% of the 100 blogs that I have) something free to my readers and/or post a place that readers can donate to.

Tithing and giving, of which most people think "10%" is what one should give, does not only have to do with our money. It has to do with all of our resources. If you want more money tithe more money (do it consistently; it works). If you want more time; donate time somewhere at a homeless shelter, hospital, just volunteer somewhere. If you want more love, give love. Place anything in the blanks: "If you want more __________, give more __________ " and you'll usually have the system for success in tithing and giving. It's sort of like those who are waiting for "their ship to come in" but they've not "sent any ships out!". Tithing and giving is a way to send out those ships.

Since I'm not bragging or telling you where I have created this blog posts, you'll just have to "run across" them as you search the Internet. My intention is to give freely; I just wanted to share this thought so you too can join me and others who are doing this. Feel free to leave your results and comments in the response area below.

Make it a great day!
Ter Scott!
Life and Legacy Coach

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