Manifest Money Using 3 Sentences!

3 Sentence Money Affirmation Card

I was inspired with these thoughts and could not get to my computer fast enough to get this message to you. This is a quick way to change your thinking to get increase of money in your life. These are three sentences that I know that you can say “honestly” today to affect your subconscious to in turn, create more money for you. Also you by doing so, you will be following other money “laws” which will create increase in your area of finances. Here are the sentences.

1.       I’m so happy that I paid my bills today.
2.       I’ve got so much money that I gave money away today.
3.       I’ve got so much money that I put money in the bank today!

Didn’t you feel good just by reading these sentences? I’m going to help you to feel “gooder” (my vocabulary) by reading and acting on my message today.
We all need to actually do the 3 steps (as often as possible). Don’t worry, it you think that you can not; I am going to show you how you can, every day!

Sometimes our logical mind fights our subconscious mind by telling us that we are lying to ourselves when we read such sentences as these. Let’s look at each and see how we can do these steps, at least in a small way at first, to counteract that logical part of our brain.

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Would you like to get the 3 Part Series as a PDF Free? Download it at my page:

You should write these three power sentences on a 3 x 5 card (or order my pre-printed card for only $1.00 which I will donate to charity) at: After you’ve written them on your card, look at the card and recite the sentences morning, noon and night; especially upon getting up in the morning, and just before going to sleep. 

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