The season to "give"?

It's always time to give; giving of our time, prayers, and money.

Some people think that they don't have anything to give. Have you given your time recently? Have you called someone to brighten their day? Have you prayed and sent "good thoughts" out to and for anyone lately? Have you given to charity, or given money to anyone that you've been impressed to do so? It’s great to receive an envelope with a card, a small thoughtful gift, or even a few dollars from someone; what a great surprise to make someone’s day!

Every year I have the pleasure of sending monies to charities for my greeting card clients. 25% of the order price goes to a charity of their choice. It’s at:

If you are ordering imprinted, personalized cards this year, check it out. It also makes a great fundraiser for any group.
And if you’ve been blessed by my work here, consider scrolling down the page and clicking on the donate button. When you do, I’ll even take 50% of what you donate and donate it somewhere else to “keep the gift moving”.
That’s all for today! Ter

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