Nothing in the World can take the Place of Persistence- Hold ON

"Regardless of what I see with my physical eyes, I will soon see what I visualize!" -Ter Scott
Today I just want to encourage you as you are going forward in moving toward your goals/wishes/desires. Remember that any time you feel “stressed” or “pressure” or “friction” from your circumstances know that this is proof that things are “happening” in your behalf. Friction only happens when things are rubbing against something; but movement has to be present in this rubbing action. Use this as a reminder that you are moving; you are moving forward!
Stress, pressure, and friction are not “bad”, they are “neutral; it’s how you use it as to whether its positive or negative. Choose positive! Eustress is “good” stress, the kind of “high” you get on a roller coaster, or the feeling you get just before seeing someone you love or doing something you really enjoy. Pressure moves large ships and heats homes when channeled correctly. Friction is needed to create fire. All is useful in life.
Have you been with me all year; reading these entries and using them as encouragement to move forward? If so, be sure to leave your comment. I believe in you. The people that read these posts believe in you.
Go forth and do great things!

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