Say "no", then say "yes".

I decree, declare, and I accept: "I say "no" to the lesser good, so I can say "yes" to the greater good in my life".
Hello all.
My apologies for not being available via this blog for some time. I've been out using these "rules of attainment" to attain things in life, which have kept me quite busy; they do work!
As we make our journey through life (and note I stated that we "make" our journey; meaning that we take the initiative) we choose our decisions. This year I've said "no" to some things so I can soon say "yes" to other things, and it's these other things which are taking some of my time. A lesson for us all is that we need to get rid of the lesser good to make room for the greater good in our lives.
Please, when you find positive things happening for you in life because you've put in practice what I speak of here, let the readers know by submitting your comments. If you want private email counseling about something, I'm available to help you. Or, if your situation is not too private, share it in the comments area, I'll offer my take on it, so all the world can learn.
I know that many people are hurting because of this crazy economy but believe me, this does not have to be. Keep believing, and attainning. Ter Scott!

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