A Great Gift of Gratitude

Monday, December 6th, 2010
Today’s post will be a short one because I’m thinking that many of you (reader’s) did not check in and read the last post because I didn’t notify you. Remember to always visit because I do my very best in getting something posted each week and may not notify my regular visitors.
I notify my readers who have registered via email but I did not with the last post, because I was working on getting these gift certificates made and available for you to print. You can go to: www.terscott.com/10rulescertificate and print off as many as you want. Print on nice colored paper stock or parchment, cut and insert in a #10 envelope and use as stocking stuffers, etc. This way you can share the 10 rules and the I Am a Magnet poster with others.
First, here’s a treat for you. A friend of mine, Jeff Herring sends me an inspirational message each Sunday. Yesterday he had a video about gratitude; it was awesome. I invite you to go there now before it expires. (Also, if you like to write articles but haven’t really gone anywhere with it, Jeff’s your guy. While there, grab your 2 FREE Instant Article Creation Templates and tell him Ter Scott sent you! Click here to see the Gratitude Video: http://fromthedeskofjeffherring.com/
Now for just a couple of things that will propel you to your goals and attainment of your desires. Know that books and tapes (now mp3 files, CDs, etc.) contain great knowledge. I’m reading a book: “You Can Work Your Own Miracles “written my Napoleon Hill back in 1971. In the last part of his book, he speaks on how to “reach and influence the subconscious mind”. My last post spoke about “action” and “goal setting”. Napoleon Hill offers these instructions which he states must be carried out to the letter:
(a)  Write out a clear statement of that which you wish your subconscious mind to act upon, and set a definite time within which you wish action. Memorize this statement and repeat it to your self, orally, hundreds of times daily, especially just before going to sleep.
(b)  When you repeat your statement BELIEVE that it will be acted upon by your subconscious mind, and see yourself already in possession of that which your statement calls for. Close your statement by expressing gratitude for having received what you asked for.
(c)  Before repeating your statement to your subconscious, work yourself into a high, intense state of emotional enthusiasm and joy because of your inner feeling that you request will be fulfilled. The subconscious acts almost instantaneously on thoughts which are expressed in any state of high emotion, either negative or positive. This last statement is highly significant. Please read it again and thing about it.
So again I offer this reminder to you from last week: we can think and state affirmations but we must also act. Then too, we have the subconscious that “acts” for us too, every minute of the day. The acting part here though is to first write out “a clear statement”, repeat the statement (verbally), and then to BELIEVE!
Finally, Napoleon Hill tells us to be sure that we use emotion, having a strong desire to see our desires attained. And, know that the subconscious will work either negative or positive; we must be the captain of our thoughts.
That’s it for now. You can get your copy of “You Can Work Your Own Miracles” by clicking on the ad on the right.>
Make it a great day! Ter Scott!

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