To Become a Millionaire...

Major 8 Lesson: To become a Millionaire

To become a millionaire, (a thousandnaire, hundrednaire or just have more money), one needs to become better in all the other 7 areas of the Major 8; not just in this one area (M8/4). This is why when people may come upon money too quickly such as with a lottery winning, a bonus or raise, or something similar that they very soon become at the same financial level as they were prior to their windfall. It's because they are not balanced in the other 7 areas and are ready, and/or worthy of having this "level" of finances.

So if you are seeking more income, don't just seek "money" but seek more in all 8 areas to be balanced and rich in abundance; not just in money. (As the song states, also in peace, love, and happiness!).

Something to think about:

Want to be a millionaire? Give away a million dollars.

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