Giving Up and Letting Go can bring Great Things into your Life, Here's How:

15 Weeks of “Giving Up”.

Every week for 15 weeks, we will talk about “Giving Up”; something different each week that when we get rid of our life will gain something even better. It’s the way to first do more to then be more and finally have more in our life! We’ll share up to an hour together live, talking about one topic but discussing it in depth so you can walk away with an assignment to complete to make your life better. And guess what, it’s all free; just invest in yourself!

But there is even much more.

Each weekly topic will eventually become a Kindle book with the same title (The first being, GIVING UP Being Right for Being Better); which every attendee will get absolutely FREE when it is published. However, only those who participated in the weekly live talk webinar will be notified when the book is published and available at no cost.

Additional BONUS: Anyone who participates in the webinar will have the option of having his/her (edited) comments published in the actual book and if your is selected, you will get a free “live” link in the book so interested readers can go directly to your site, blog or Facebook page and you may gain a new follower or customer/client!

I am making a commitment to offer this for 15 weeks so it definitely will be an exercise in discipline for me. Also as the teacher usually learns quite a bit when creating such a series as this, I look forward to learning lots! The times and days for each webinar will change every week so people with different schedules will be able to take them in; they will be archived if you happen to miss the live version. The following week’s topic will be revealed at the end of each preceding webinar.

Are you excited?

I am!
Imagine how much you’ll gain after 15 weeks of “Giving Up”!

Your first “I GIVE UP” webinar will be:
Saturday January 28th, 2017 at 2 p.m. (Central Time).
GIVE UP the Need to be Right

(There is no cost, nothing will be sold at this webinar, and we will never sell your information).

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