Why am I always sick? 3 Books to Attain Great Health; Free

The Major 8 Your Number One Desire: Great Health

Truly, when one has great health they really do have everything, and when one is sick, all else seems meaningless. Even the other seven of the Major 8 cannot be fully appreciated, realized and enjoyed when one has poor health. So let’s tackle this one right away.

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The principles which apply to one of the Major 8 apply to all of the Major 8 and this one is no exception. (You can apply most everything to improve in this area in the other 7 areas with great results). Here it is. Thinking makes it so. Do you wake every morning “feeling the pain”? Do you “speak” pain, by telling others your grocery list of what’s wrong with you and all your ailments? Do you “believe” that pain is just how it is and you have to settle for this?

Why am I always sick? 
The answer is because you are asking that question, for one. Even if you feel sick, are sick or think you are going to be sick, ask yourself (your subconscious): "Why am I always well"? This may seem ludicrous and if it does, that may be your answer. 

There is a reason for everything, even your pain. First, ask why you have this pain? When did it start in your life? Get in your daily quiet place, spend a few minutes and ask the question “why do I have this pain”? Then write down everything that comes to you names, places, and subjects; basically anything that comes to your mind. Just write it all down without trying to ask why these are coming to you. Ask the question “why do I have this pain” and write every thought which comes to you regardless if this makes sense to you.

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When you wake in the morning avoid mentioning the word “pain” in your thoughts and actual speech; take it out of your vocabulary. Get a sheet of paper and pen and write down sentences you can use to answer your doctor and others when they ask how you are doing, and how you are feeling without using the word pain. Use the words “healed, healthy and whole” in your speech.

When you feel pain, think of it as the reminder of the healing that is taking place in your body and say “Thanks that my (area where the pain is emanating) is totally healed and well. Thank you that I am healed, healthy and whole!” Pain is just a reminder that you are being healed!

I remember an old joke where someone speaks to his doctor and says, “Doc, I broke my arm in five different places”. The doctor says, “Well, stay out of those places!” This may seem funny, but it is true. If people, places and things are causing you pain, stay away from those people, places and things!

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To summarize today’s points and offer you an assignment (action changes everything) let me offer this list:

Ask, “Why do I have this pain”?
Your “inner self” will reveal the reason(s). When you get the answers take responsibility; this is no one else’s “fault” but your own. Even if you think it is, change this because you cannot change someone else or what someone else has done; only what you take responsibility for. List each “answer” and then work on them. You’ve just created your own self-help course exclusive to you. Keep a journal, work on correcting and checking off every one of these “obstacles” to your good health and you’ll feel better as every answer is dealt with.

Take the word “pain” out of your vocabulary.
Replace this (and similar words) with words denoting healing and health.

Keep away from the areas which “promote” pain.
Keep away from people who always talk about how bad things are (including health), places that do not promote good health, and things that are not good for you.

Your total good health may require some time, but I will tell you that you are meant to be healthy. Believe it; it’s true!


I am healed, healthy and whole.
I am health.
I live in a world of health, I and all those around me; especially those I love, are totally healthy in all ways!

Make it a great day!

Ter Scott!

Life and Legacy Coach ® 

CAUTION AND NOTE: By the way, I am not a doctor and must tell you that if you need medical help to consult a doctor. This information is for educational purposes only. 

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