A Poem for Goal Setting and Attaining

For my son’s birthday card, I found a “Superman Diary” at the dollar store with a colorful Superman figure on the cover. He’s a grown adult but loves Superman “anything”; I’m thinking because his last name starts with “S” and the Superman symbol looks really cool! Anyway, I thought this was a creative “birthday card” that has use for a longer time than just a year.

Next, I wrote birthday greetings on the inside page with my quickly written poem:

Here’s a book to write your goals,
Then choose to work on just 3 of those.
So next year, the “older” you
Will be wiser, wealthier and happier too!

So dear reader, I am writing this because I thought you might enjoy the idea of using this idea for a birthday card for someone in your life (it’s actually “cheaper” than  most cards and will be “seen” more; but if mailed may cost a bit more). And secondly, my intent is to remind you (and myself) to write goals, choosing 3 to work on so we are constantly in control of how we want our future to become! 

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