Ter Scott offers 8 Weeks of customized Attainment Coaching for only $8

Do you have questions about “attaining”? What about attaining and retaining? What are you’re wants, desires and goals? Do you really want to move ahead? You can move ahead and build your faith and belief that you can do more to get more in all areas of the Major 8.


Let me prove this to you. Register for the Major 8 for eight weeks for only $8. That’s right, you’ll have access to me via email for 8 emails over 8 weeks where you’ll ask me questions and I’ll respond each week, for only $8!

To start your customized Major 8 Email Consulting, do these two things:

  1. Visit www.terscott.com/contact and complete the form. Just state “Major 8 for 8” in the message box and any other comments you’d like. (Be sure to double check your email address and type it again in the message box, so I’ll be sure to make contact with you).
  2. Then proceed to www.terscott.com/pay and click on the “Buy Now” button which opens the PayPal button. In the description type: Major 8 for 8 and in the amount type 8.00.

 That’s it. I’ll email soon with instructions and we’ll get going on making the next 8 weeks one of attainment!

 PS. You’ll see that when you visit these pages that I’m a successful business person with many products and services. I certainly use “attainment” strategies to attain and retain my success on a daily basis!

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