Pearls of Prosperity, written by Ter Scott, Offers Hope

I would like your help in reviewing this book and when you do, you will get the newly updated version eBook when it comes out!

Readers of this blog (website) know of the Major 8 and now with the Kindle book people are using what I call the Pearls (morning and evening steps) of Prosperity to prosper in each of the Major 8. If you have not yet obtained your copy, I invite you to go to and place the words: “Pearls of Prosperity Kindle” in the search bar, and purchase it; it’s only $4.99!

When you write a positive review for the book, let me know via the email address in the book, and I will reward you with a pdf of both the “Daily Tasks Sheet” I speak about in the book (that I personally developed and use) and a pdf of the new edited version as it becomes available, both at no cost!

I felt that I needed to get this Prosperity message out as fast as I could to help as many people as I could during this time of job layoffs, and other hardships. I am now going through it and feel that I need to address a few more things and also “edit” it further. I also invite you to please let me know your thoughts and I will consider them in the “remake”.

So, get to Amazon, get the Kindle book and let’s work together in helping the world to be a better place. If you do not have a Kindle and want the eBook version from my website, just go to

Remember that I offer a finder’s fee for anyone who is helpful in booking any of my seminars across the USA.

Go forth and do great things!


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