How does one Lead a Charmed Life?

To live a "charmed life", put your Visualization on “Autopilot”

Do you know of people who seem to live a “charmed” life? It seems that everything goes right for them in every area of life; of the Major 8? I’ve got good news for you, because you too can live such a life! After you have achieved “autopilot” status in one of the Major 8 (or one area of that particular Major 8; say financial for instance); you can continue to improve in that particular Major 8 and/or do the same in other areas. Soon, all is well in every area of your life. Let me explain.

Let’s say that you need to improve in the Major 8 category of finances. Now when I mean to “improve” this area, it could be many things such as improving what needs to be done on your part to manage your money that you have, or it could be to better allow increase into your life. And or course each of these two areas alone could be segmented with areas to improve upon. The good news is when you work and achieve results in that one area; it usually becomes a permanent habit so you continually see permanent (and positive) results. So, then this becomes “automatic” where you don’t actually have to think about it for it to happen so the results continually occur (you expect them to occur) and others see this happening to you and for you and they think now that you are the one leading a “charmed” life. But you first consciously took action to make this happen and now it is on “autopilot”; pretty cool huh?

Have you ever driven someone else’s car and the shift lever was in a different place other than where you car’s shift lever is positioned? If your shift lever is on the console and your friend’s shift lever is on the steering column, how many times did you find yourself reaching for the console? You were in the “habit” of using and reaching for your shift lever in your own car. Recently I remember that I wanted to stop at the bank before going to work. I found myself missing the turn toward the bank as if the car had a mind of its own and was continuing to my usual daily route to my workplace; as if it were on its own course, like it was on autopilot! Have you ever been on your way somewhere and instead of continuing to your desired destination found that your car was headed toward the location that you usually go, on a regular basis, such as work or home? I will now explain how you can get this same “habitual” action happening in an area of your life; an area within one of the Major 8, so that it is on “autopilot”.

I will demonstrate how I did this, by this conscious action on my part, to improve my sales and handling financial transactions at my place of work. This is a small building action to the bigger financial category of the Major 8. I took these mental steps every day before going to work to create these lasting positive results. Now, it is as if it is on “autopilot” so I don’t do this every day, and I don’t think about it so much but the results continue. I am careful not to boast and also review it sometimes but it is getting results now so I can move on and improve in other areas.

Here’s what I did. You may have a similar situation that you can apply the principle to, and also I hope you’ll get something from learning about the actual process of what I did. My goal as a sales person would be of course to make sales, so naturally I would want more money in my cash drawer at the day’s end. However, I also wanted the drawer to be “right on” to reconcile at the end of the shift exactly with the money transactions from the day. With both in mind, every morning before work, I would visualize my cash drawer I would be given at the beginning of my shift. I would “see” the section with pennies and hold my hand over them, palm down, and state: “Bless these pennies, and may they increase” as I raised my hand (to allow the “pile” of pennies to rise). I would move to the left and do the same with the nickels, dimes, quarters and the rolls of quarters, nickels and pennies saying: “Bless these pennies, and may they increase and may my cash drawer be correct at the day’s end”. Then I would do the same with the dollars, and get a great “feeling” of success as I would see the dollars overflow from my cash drawer, then the fives, the tens, the twenties and then best of all, I would see the fifties and hundreds literally overflow to the point where I had trouble closing my till. I saw myself asking a manager to take some of the money so as I could close my drawer! And, finally I would see myself finishing the day with my “numbers” being “right on” after reconciling my drawer.

Having practiced this morning ritual, I no longer stressed about this, it became automatic, I made sales consistently and effortlessly, and my cash drawer was usually is “right on” to the penny! Now that I achieved success in that area, I moved on to another area. People saw that I made sales effortlessly, and thought that, at least in this area, that I lived a charmed life. Success came easily to me. It’s true they did not know my secret; now you do!

Select an area of the Major 8, or an area within a category of the Major 8, and do something similar to improve. Do so in one area, where it becomes “automatic”, and then move on to another area. When you have achieved “autopilot” with most areas of the Major 8, people will think that you are leading a charmed life; because, you are!
Make it a great day!

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