Don't think debt, think wealth!

I decree, I declare, I accept: “I choose wealth first for myself, then for others.”*

Don’t spend as much time thinking about “getting out of debt” as you do “getting into wealth”. 

There are so many “get out of debt” programs out there and they have their good points. However, I think that having more “get into wealth” programs would be better. You see, we can either choose to live on only what we make (which gets smaller everyday due to inflation, the cost of living, the fact that our jobs offer a limit on our income, etc.), or we can choose to make more, which immediately gets our thoughts “proactive” in thinking of ways to do more to get more. Remember, that when we do more to get more, we are also helping others, so everyone wins! It’s not just about us. 

Everything that we have and everything about us came about because of the choices we made, which first originated in our mind as thoughts, and then were realized in our real world by our words and actions. When we “speak” about debt, even to “get out of debt”, “lower our debt”, or “to be debt free”, as good as all of this may “sound”, our mind “hears” debt, debt, debt,  and that is what you get; more debt! Just voicing the word, causes your thoughts to spiral downward in this direction of having to do with less, being poor and down, down, downhearted and miserable, woe is me, etc. Next, you then act in that direction; causing you to have less, give less, so you’ll be “blessed” less.

Let’s give our mind something positive to work toward (not away from) such as: “get into wealth”, “raise my income”, and to be “independently wealthy”. When you heard those words what did your mind hear? It heard: “wealth”, “income”, and “wealthy”. When you think about wealth, your mind goes to work on ways to earn more money. True, you may still have an internal conversation that argues that you don’t have time to do more, or “that it will never work”, or “that’s illegal”, etc. But you are the one who masters your thoughts; manage those thoughts before they are expressed in your negative words which ultimately become actions which become reality.

Our national economy for example, at present, is terrible and it’s this way because of choices we’ve all made. Yes, those in power as our representatives in government make the “big” choices that move us either closer to debt or wealth as a nation many times much faster than we with our individual thinking. These representatives who are employed to do our bidding would bring this country back to financial stability if they would think wealth for everyone followed by the proper words, and actions; all  concentrated on ways to keep people free to live their choices. Collectively, we as a nation can choose our thoughts, words, and actions and then choose the leaders who share this so we can continue toward wealth and not debt.

Do you want debt or wealth? I understand that you do not want debt. But every time you say you don’t want debt, that is what you get. The answer to the question is this, “I want wealth”.  Choose wealth with your mind, your thoughts, and deeds. Then choose to work on all of the options for it; not on “_ _ _ _” (Debt is truly a four letter word!).

*Today's declaration about wealth may seem a bit selfish at first because we state that we want wealth first, and then we think of wealth for others. 

The reason for this is that we are responsible for our own wealth and actions, etc.; not others. So first, we seek and find wealth and then share it with others (not necessarily by handing it over, but through educating others in how they may do the same). When one becomes wealthy others know they too can become wealthy. Also, jobs and new opportunities now become available. Thinking of this reminds me of how even though we love our young ones and would literally give our life for them, we are told when flying that "in case of an emergency", we are to place the oxygen mask on ourselves first. We need to be conscious to be able to help them. In this same way, we need to be wealthy to help others; be wealth conscious.

Also, remember that "wealth" is not only money.

Best of success!

Ter Scott!

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