Ter Scott says: "Know that you know, that you know; then go!"

April 10, 2011
“Know” Your Dream Into Reality- Ter Scott!
I’m back! This attainment stuff really works! Since I’ve shared with you back in January I’ve started and completed successful many new and exciting projects, have traveled, and purchased a better vehicle. Because of all of this, I have to apologize for not being here for my readers. One reason is that I want my entries to be substantial enough in size and content and this requires time to stay at my computer and compose. With all the great things happening lately, my time has been at a premium.
I hope your life has been full and you’ve seen positive changes in the eight key areas: health, good food, restful sleep, money, life & legacy, relationships, love, importance & respect.
Are you using all of the tools available at the blog? The 10 SECRET RULES FOR ATTAINMENT Scroll, I AM A MAGNET affirmation poster, and the YEARLY GOALS WORKSHEET.
We are now a quarter into this new year already and it’s a good time to take time out to see where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to be by this year’s end. These tools will definitely help you.
Allow me to briefly speak about my quote at the beginning of this entry. Realize that others would have you listen to their “no” and not act but I want you to listen to your own “know” and act. Use any success however small from your past and use it to build forward. Take it from me, I heard “no” so many times growing up, that it wasn’t until I entered first grade when I found it that “no” wasn’t my first name! Whenever you share your thoughts openly or even speak them yourself for the first time, “no” is usually the first thought along with reasons how or why something won’t work that comes about. That’s OK; realize that this is a built in “safety mechanism” for self preservation; it’s normal. But stretch your faith and abilities, take “calculated” risks. Determine the risks and move forward. Know that you know, that you know; then go!
Please let me know what things and which of the eight areas you’ve seen growth and success so far this year. I should be more regular now in getting these blog entries back on a weekly basis now.
Our last conversation covered Rule number 8: “Know that your dream of what you wish to attain is already true on the metal plane, and must come true in the physical.” This week I’ve shared that I’ve attained several things lately which isn’t so I can “brag” but is a segue into next week’s topic: “If others have attained this, so can you!”
See you next week! Ter Scott!

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