Andy Andrews Attains Success Despite Struggles

Here is a special treat!
As an aspiring attainment seeker, you may someday speak before many from a lectern or, at any rate, I know that you want to be successful in any endeavor you choose.
Every Sunday I get a short inspirational message from my friend in the business, Jeff Herring. He is known as the Internet Article Guy and just knowing about his website gives you a source to find out how to turn your thoughts into articles that can bring you income.
But I’m sharing this email message that I got from him yesterday because he is interviewing a man who I met years ago, Andy Andrews. This man wrote a book that 51 publishers said would never sell, and it became a best seller (go figure!). Now he has even written a sequel that again is a bestseller.
For you, this means that whatever the critics think, you can still do it. You can still attain whatever it is you wish to attain! Remember that what your evaluator, instructor or a critics says has merit- but it is only an indicator for your success. You, like Andy, make the difference!
The interview is tonight (Monday) and it’s free. If you can register to get in and listen (if it's not filled), I think you’ll find it inspirational, and educational; and maybe change your life in a very positive way!
Here’s the email with the links that I got from my friend Jeff:
An Inspiring Message from Andy Andrews
 Hi Jeff here with this week's Sunday Morning
Inspiration and the inspiring message of best selling
author Andy Andrews, featuring 2 of his books:
"The Traveler's Gift"

"The Final Summit"
(just released)

So why is this week's Sunday Morning
Inspiration like no other?
Because tomorrow night, Monday April
18th at 8 pm ET I get to interview
Andy Andrews LIVE and you are invited!
Click here to catch Andy in video and
then you'll be able to register to catch
Andy LIVE Monday night...
This is gonna be so cool...

~ Jeff
Sunday Morning Inspiration
Here is my comment to Jeff:
Wow, this is TERriffic! I saw Andy years ago at a convention and I'm glad he is doing so well. This is going to be such a great interview that I'm telling everyone I know in my communications courses and seminars, and in my blogs. Great going Jeff, this will be super!
 OK, now it's up to you, Click here and register before all the places are filled!
Ter Scott!
Bricks to Clicks Internet Consultant

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