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Dear Reader,

Let's have coffee...If you’ve not visited Answers from the Cosmos (a daily “dose of the Cosmos” of inspiration and thought provoking “wisdom gems”) I encourage you to check it out. Many people visit from all over the world and leave comments and thoughts which in turn help others. You may even consider “Following by Email” so you’ll be sure to not miss anything and there are never ads* or sharing of your email.

I have written a book called, “How to Magnetize Abundance” and as readers of that material come up with experiences, thoughts and successes they will be leaving comments below so others can be edified and inspired. (Book available soon). 

I’ve chosen to have them record their comments after this post instead of at the Cosmos site because I believe that the comments will be of great value to my Attainment Rules readers.

Attain well!
Ter Scott, Life and Legacy Coach

*From time to time you may be notified of something created and offered by yours truly but there is no “outside” advertising. 

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