Lucky Penny Day, May 23rd.

A Penny for Your Thoughts and Financial Future

I tell you: A penny for your thoughts; especially today. Today we celebrate “Lucky Penny Day” Many people don’t give much thought to the lowly penny and because of the prices today, they aren’t worth much monetarily unless you melt them down and sell the copper, which I’m not suggesting and it is illegal to do so. We give pennies away, when we see them many time we don’t pick them up and when they are in a pocket of change they are sometimes a nuisance to have to pick through to find the needed dimes.

My thought today is not so much about the penny but our attitude toward it. Just as when one is unorganized in one area of life, this indicates how he or she is also unorganized in other or all areas of life. Just as we may be discontented in one area of life, this too indicates that we are most likely discontented with most areas in all of life. Likewise, in the way we approach the situation of seeing a penny on the ground, this is also the way we “see” how we handle our financial affairs and indeed our entire life. Wow, can a penny show us all of that? Yes.

When you see a penny on the ground what is your thought? Do your reach down and pick it up? Do you pick it up only if it’s a “heads”? Do you ignore it completely?

Every thought creates our future; even out thought(s) toward seeing a penny. When you see a penny on the ground it is a gift and also an opportunity. Never say “no” to any gift because when you do, the Universe is less likely to offer you future gifts; in this case it’s with money but the Cosmos will also treat this as a general non acceptance for any gift. Want more “gifts”, pick up pennies!

I used to pick up every penny I found. Then I only picked up pennies that were only heads because I heard of someone who did this because he said that he never wanted to be on the “tails” side of a business transaction. But later I realized that this is “incorrect thinking” in two ways and I’ll share why in a moment. At first, this made sense to me because a penny represents money which has to do with finances and financial transactions. Sometimes I would pick up a penny, turn it over, sit it down again and then pick it up; or I would leave it for the next person. (I now leave pennies, quarters and dollars in places for people to find. I’ll share why I do so in future articles).

I changed my thoughts about the “upside down” penny. Even when telling the story about the guy who always picked up the “heads up” coin, I would share how I always wanted to be on the “winning” side of a business transaction. In his telling of the story, he states that he doesn’t want to be on the “tails” side of a business transaction. But guess what? Your subconscious and the Universe hear: “tails side of business” and that’s what you’ll get anyway. He sees and speaks about what he doesn’t want, in a negative way. The second thing that is “wrong” about that approach is that things have the meaning that we give them. So when we “believe” that an upside down penny brings us such “luck” it definitely will! Believing makes it so.

I now pick up a penny whether it is “heads” or “tails” as I give it a different meaning; like that of this doctor.

A doctor once told me that he picks up pennies because “pennies turn into dollars”. This impresses some people because they think that doctors are “rich” so picking up pennies for any reason is absurd but “…if a doctor does it”.  Another person told me that he saw a dime in a urinal. He finally tossed a quarter in and then retrieved both coins. He said, “For ten cents no, but for thirty five cents, yes”. I guess we all have our price, right? Now back to the penny.

Do you know that churches have been built and businesses started with just one penny? Do you know that you can move forward today with just one penny and the attitude to use this a motivation much like the “Gratitude Rock” mentioned in the movie “The Secret”? Do you know that as long as you have this one penny, that you will “never be broke”?

So now when you see a penny on the ground, I would suggest that you state that “money comes to you easily and frequently”, “pennies turn into dollars, and more”. Say that you are grateful for this and all your financial affairs succeed, and speak to it: “lead me to others in your family”. Hold it up and state: “Thank you for this and more”. If others see you and think you are “crazy”, that’s OK, you are one penny richer! 

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