Special Offer to my over 5000 plus, Attainment blog readers: ATTAIN NOW is available at a reduced price.

This book is only available as a special offer, and will never be available on Amazon, or anywhere else. It may be discontinued at any time, so if you return to this page, and this offer is no longer available, I apologize now!
Now you can attain anything you want, when you want, anytime you want… this book shows you how!
Written by Ter Scott, author and blogger of The Secrets to Attainment Blog (Subscription is Available on Amazon, search Ter Scott Secrets to Attainment) which has over 5000 readers (and growing), helps people around the world attain good things in their lives using the principles by such people as Bob Proctor (The Secret), Tony Robbins (Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within), Mark Victor Hanson and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul).
Now, he takes what he taught in those articles and excerpts from his two great selling books: Pearls of Prosperity and Attainment Revelation Celebration; and adds several other methods and techniques here in one book: Attain Today.  Attain Today gets you started with or helps you continue your journey of attainment to have, be and do, to your fullest potential. If you want to be happy, have more money, friends, travel; anything in life that you want, regardless of your outward surroundings, take action now, get and read Attain Today.
Hi, I’m Ter Scott and I’m glad that you are here. You may have seen and tried similar things, but I’m here to tell you that these are things that have helped me and things that I’ve shared which have helped others to attain. I hope that the previous paragraph is a good enough description so you all have at least some understanding why you are here. Nothing is “accidental”; you are reading this for a reason; you are meant to be here!
This is the same “text” that I use in my quick 90 minute live seminar.
Imagine, yes “image-in” having enough time, money, happiness, contentment, friends, travel, prosperity and riches of the very best kind; those that suit your four areas of living: spiritual, family, business and social. And you can have, do and be, all of this without compromising your core philosophies and beliefs; only be aware that you are in control of your destiny, and no matter if you are young or younger, you are creating your future this very moment. Thoughts are things, and they soon become reality.
This course (the same text used in Ter Scott’s 90 minute quick seminar) will act as an “intro” to make you more aware and get you started or help you to continue your education and assist you on your journey.
“I will share several actual exercises and techniques that I use everyday, plus you’ll see below that you’ll have access to me to answer your questions and comments. There is no way that I can cover every aspect in educating you in such a short time as only 90 minutes, so I’m offering this complete manual and  access to me via email, with additional resources to assist you on your journey from today forward.
(Others will be revealed as you read the manual, but here are a few):
·        Free email coaching for 7 weeks with yours truly.
·        Links to several others who can help you with their free materials.
Some of my students have told me that they really appreciate the links to my friend’s sites and all of the free offers that they have. Sure, it might be possible to do some research on your own and find these sites and maybe the great offers that they have, but why take the chance of missing something? I’ve got everything right here in the Bonus Links. (These authors offer new things always, so I can’t promise that these people will have the same products and free stuff that is available at the time of this writing, but I can assure you that because they all believe in the principle of abundance, that they probably will always have something of value that they are offering at any given time).
Here are just a few links to author sites that I make available (at this time) by some of my friends:
M B: Daily Inspirational Quotes – Free
Dr. JD “Value Determination Procedure” - Free Download
6 Lessons from B P – Free Instant Access
Dr. JV ATTRACT MONEY NOW – Download the entire book… for free!
The names of the authors above are withheld here, but know that these are real authors (many are best selling authors and public speakers). I’m helping you by not revealing their names here because I want you to get this free when you invest in yourself by buying ATTAIN NOW manual. Some people think that they can “shortcut” success and will take time searching for this information on the Internet and not purchase this course. Why do this? You can not shortcut success. By searching for this material and not investing in ATTAIN NOW is telling your subconscious that you can’t afford the manual, that you can’t afford success, etc., etc. Change this now! Move ahead. Get the manual at the reduced price I am offering you today!
Since ATTAIN TODAY is the exact manual used in Ter Scott’s seminar, nothing is left out. So you’ll see what Ter used in the seminar and you’ll have the opportunity to “walk through” the manual just as the attendees did. Since you’ll not be in the live seminar, you may have questions – great! Just email Ter with your comments and questions.
The live seminar has the attendees opening their pocket or phone calendars, using a small notebook, and 3 x 5 cards, and you can do the same from your home or office.
  • Learn 19 reasons WHY PEOPLE DON’T ATTAIN and what to do if you have any on the list!  
·        Learn a 5 Step Method to first find out where you are now in your attainment journey, and where you want to go.
·        Learn 3 words that make up the 3 step Attainment Formula.
·        The manual is filled with great inspirational quotes that illustrate points that will help you learn faster.
·        You’ll learn about The Major 8, which is a system that Ter developed which explains the 8 major areas of desires most everyone wants; some areas more than others perhaps, but he shares how we must balance all of the 8 areas to be more complete and whole. In Attain Today, Ter touches on the Major 8. For a “heads up” on the Major 8, just do a Google search using: “Ter Scott Major 8”. You’ll quickly learn that Ter Scott is the real deal!
CAUTION: You have great responsibility with attaining. What I will share (in ATTAIN TODAY) must be used in creating and attaining good. These principles can be used to attain anything in life and that includes the bad as well. In history, people such as Hitler focused and achieved things, and when he achieved, everything and everyone was and has remained changed for all time. You’ll use these techniques to attain for good; not bad.
Want a quick preview of what ATTAIN TODAY manual can do for you? Here is a video by Ter Scott explaining the power of the contents in his book: Attainment Revelation Celebration of which he draws some of the material


ATTAIN TODAY reveals the basic steps from the book, Attainment Revelation Celebration (The complete Kindle book is available for purchase on Amazon) on how you can attain whatever it is that you desire within the next twelve months, then on your special day you review your life and see what you’ve accomplished and attained (ATTAINMENT REVELATION). You use this to build your faith and belief, CELEBRATE your day, and now set new attainment goals for the next twelve months.
ATTAIN TODAY also looks at the main elements to a daily attainment routine that Ter outlines in his other Kindle Book, Pearls of Prosperity. He briefly shows how to take everyday objects and assign value to them and use them as reminders in a daily routine.
You may want to check out both books by Ter Scott at www.amazon.com. In the search bar use words: Ter Scott Attainment Revelation Celebration and Ter Scott Pearls of Prosperity. You’ll be able to “look inside” and read part of each book!
You’ll also learn how to create an effective “Visualization Book”. This book is much like a “visualization board” if you’ve ever worked with one, but this is more accessible and private.

I’m not offering a money back guarantee

so I have reduced the price!

I’m not going to hype this up and offer any guarantees. Here are my 3 reasons:

1. Once you’ve read this, you now have the content; the steps to launching your incredible attainment journey, and returning the pdf manual that I’ve sent you via email, won’t mean anything because you’ve read it and it’s now in your head. It’s much like eating an entire meal and not wanting to pay for it, or buying a magic trick and you then know the “secret”; in both cases you’ve received the value from the product.


When you go to my website: www.terscott.com you’ll see in the upper right hand corner, the Honest Online symbol and you can click on it to see my ranking, I’ve had very, very few complaints. But, if you have one, I will do my best to accommodate your requests.

2. You’ll see results almost immediately but much of your attainment will take place over time, one month, three months, six and twelve months and beyond. This is a journey that should take the rest of your life. So how could you say that it is not working if you’ve not given it time to work?


3. I have fewer complaints by offering no guarantees! If you think that the price of this product (with all of the bonuses; my email access coaching for 7 weeks which is explained in the manual, plus the links to my friend’s materials) is too expensive, then please do not buy it.

I’m not saying this about you, but haven’t you seen people who are whiners and not winners?

But if you are serious in making these next 12 months better than the last 12, actually moving ahead so that after the next 12 you’ll not look back thinking that you’ve not seen any real progress or attainment of the things you want to have, be and do, then yes, this manual is for you.

GUARANTEE: In life the only guarantee is that there is no guarantee; well, maybe death and taxes. But I know that from my own experience that as I’ve followed these steps in the past, and continue doing so, I’ve seen amazing things happen in my life and the lives of others. You can do the same!


I’ve stated clearly what is in this manual and what it can do for you, when and if you take action. I’ve told you that I know this to be true because it’s what I’ve done and what I teach and I’ve seen results in my life and that of others.

I have priced ATTAIN TODAY as low as I possibly can.

You’ll get the manual, access to me for a full 7 weeks of email coaching plus the links to my friend’s sites where they are offering you incredible resources to help and guide you on your attainment journey, all of this for only


I know that I could charge more because my minimum phone consultation for instance, is $250 per hour, my email coaching (depending on the package) can go as high as $500 to $1000 and you’re getting 7 weeks of replies to your emailed questions and comments at no fee!

$49.99 gets you:
·        ATTAIN NOW manual

·        7 Weeks of Email Coaching

·        Links to Author’s Sources

Earlier I mentioned a few of my friends and their offers; here’s more:

Here are a few more of the things that you’ll get from the Author’s list (available at the time of this writing; I have no control over how and when their materials change):

  • The 9 Environments of Success
  • 40 Transformational Messages
  • FREE TRAINING ($199 value)! I’ve saved this for the last. HINT: This guy is the top, best selling self help author of all time; his initials are JC and his best selling book has been translated into many different languages and has to do with “soup”!
Again, like I mentioned earlier, the names of the authors above are withheld here, but know that these are real authors (many are best selling authors and public speakers).

And there are a few other surprises that I’ll keep as a secret for you for now!

Here’s how to order. Because this is a limited time only, and a very special product (which will not be seen or sold elsewhere) you’ll use a 2 step ordering process.

  1. Go to my general website: www.terscott.com/contact and complete the form explaining that you want ATTAIN TODAY for $49.99 in the comments area. Click submit and you’re done with this step.

  1. Next go to the payment page: www.terscott.com/pay and click on the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page. This opens the PayPal purchasing window and now you can use a PayPal card or your own credit card. Be sure to place: ATTAIN TODAY in the description line, and use $49.99 as the total amount. We will use your email address given in step one to email you your pdf manual! Please allow up to 5 days to get this to you.
$49.99 gets you all of this. For some, $49.99 is a lot of money, for others it may not seem like much; you buy lunches and spend more on entertainment than that, but for all, I will tell you that it is worth it. I know that what this manual presents has been “worth it” for me and those who have attended my seminars and took action on the teachings.

If you don’t plan to take action using the techniques outlined in ATTAIN NOW, please do not purchase it. But for anyone who wants to look back in just weeks, or a few months from now and say to themselves: “Wow, I’ve come a long way in attaining”, this manual is a must!

Your investment of $49.99 can help you to finally make a real change in your life.

One consultant told me something like, “When someone doesn’t pay, they don’t pay attention”. ATTAIN NOW is priced just right so that you’ll think: “OK, I’ve invested in this manual, I’d better do something to earn my investment back”.

What price can you put on your time, freedom, your dreams and more? This is education that will help you get what you want in life!


Enjoy attaining!



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