Are you Hoping or Moping? See What You Want and Get What You Want

… with this Exercise!

I have gone through “down”  times financially and otherwise, and I know why; here are two reasons. 

The first is so that I can say that “I’ve been there” and can “go up from here” so I can tell others and help them. And second, there is a lesson for both the reader and myself of which I’ll spend most time with you today. This may be one of my longer articles, but please read it; it is truly life altering! 

If you’ve been to any success seminar or seen people who are selling you a program to improve your situation in person or on the web; be it real estate, a business opportunity, or whatever, many times they will tell you how they were when they started. You’ll hear them say things like, “I had no money in the bank”, “my car was being repossessed”, and “my rent was 3 months behind”, etc. Well, I can say that I have been there! People like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and others will tell you that they had their hard times, as they lived in a small apartment or a car or were homeless at some point. Anyone moving up and forward may have such times, but they can be temporary! 

So the first reason for me having “been there” is so I can say that “I have been there”. But this experience is meant to be used to help others (thereby helping myself). Every circumstance either positive or negative is simply an event that we can choose to use or refuse the lesson it brings. I choose to seek whatever good and and every situation brings.

Secondly, and here’s the lesson for both my reader today and me (it’s a big one), is that to move forward and to improve my situation was that I needed to “see” what was not

I had been seeing only my current reality (of what I didn’t want) with very little of the "seeing" and focusing on what I wanted. Like many of us, we all take care of bills, get the calls from bill collectors, walk around in the same house (space), drive the same car (in the same ruts of home to work, work to home) and even though we may tell ourselves that we can and will do better, that we will pay these bills, that we will have a better car, but this is not enough to make a change in our situation. 

We are not seeing anything but our present circumstances and situation. 
Does this make sense to you? 

We only see the bills but do we see the money or checks in the mail, or people handing us cash. We get the phone calls from bill collectors and do we let it go to our voice mail, we screen our calls and procrastinate instead of picking up the phone and facing our fears. We miss opportunities of getting calls from friends or realize the opportunities and the good that can come to us from having a phone. Believe me, the moment you answer the phone and “take care of things” talking to a bill collector and let them know that you are moving ahead in life and improving your situation, the universe also “hears” what you say and guess what? You do move ahead and your situation improves!!! You feel better immediately and much of your stress goes away. Now you can answer each phone call as it comes. 

Are you hoping or moping?

Do you walk around your house and drive your car wishing and hoping to get a different house or car? Wishing and hoping (and moping) doesn’t work; you’ll still keep living in the same space, and driving the same car until it dies and you’ll be forced to get a similar one and continue in the same downward, limiting spiral. Why? Because this is not just what you see, but it is also what your mind, your subconscious and the universe see, and continue to give you only what you are currently seeing. 

When you only see debt, you continue to get debt. When you only see the broken down car, house, and friendships, etc. etc. (actually you may be in debt in all of the Major 8) you continue to get more of what you see: a broken car, house and relationships.   

So, here’s the secret: change what you are seeing, at least start by adding to what you see; start seeing what you want! I'm going to help you change all of this right now. 

I had always been seeing only my current situation without seeing what I really wanted.

Maybe this is a revelation to you as it was to me. I knew many of these attraction principles as I have been living them and teaching them for years. But something clicked for me and became a true pivotal point that turned it all around. I needed to put this principle in practice:

Start seeing more; see your situation as you want it to be, not just how it is. Keep it, hold it, and it will become your reality. 

Yes, you and I see the bills; we see our house and our car; everything as it currently is, but now along with bills, house and car (and whatever your situation may be), I want you to start seeing more. See more of what you want. See the car you want, see the house you want, see the friends you want, see what it is in every area of the Major 8; that you want! Then each time you approach your car to get in, don’t see that car; see the car you want. When you see envelopes of bills, now along with these bills (and eventually "instead" of these bills; take baby steps if needed), see envelopes with checks in them, see yourself opening envelopes and pulling out cash! When you now walk into your house or when leaving your house, see the house and the home that you want. Keep reading. I am going to give you and exercise that will make this easier for you to do. 

Focus on what you want, and you will attract it. 

Here’s an exercise that will help you to focus on what you want and less on what you don’t want; less on your current reality. You can see results in a short time, but you must be serious, be diligent and do these simple steps! It requires action on your part to first set this up and then to have the discipline to do every day. How badly do you want change? This is what is needed if you truly want to get out of debt and into abundance. Why not try it and prove it yourself? Are you ready? 

What do you want?

1.      Open a new Word document and list what you want from top to bottom leaving a couple of spaces between each. You can put the type in “bold” to show that you really mean this to add emotion to your action. My listings were things like: My home (I called it a home instead of a house; there is a difference), my garage, my vehicles (I included a Hawker Jet; think big), my kitchen, my dining room, my bathroom, etc. Then I included “my guitars” (I play guitar and also present a Johnny Cash Tribute). Add sewing, crafts, or an artist room or even a man cave. Don’t worry about how big or “silly” or even how the universe will supply these things; just list what you want.

2.     Select pictures from the Internet for each space you listed. This exercise is how to get a better home, car and a few related things. Later you can fill your home with the furnishings that you want, or get pictures that depict other areas of the Major 8, but for now keep this simple using six to ten items on your list and pictures so you’ll actually do this; don’t put this off!

3.      After you’ve “shopped” online looking for pictures of what you want for a house and car (don’t worry that it’s not “exact”, it just has to be close to what you want. As I’ve already stated, do something now, and tweak it later).  Add a picture under each heading on your list.

4.     Print each page in color (use one or two pictures per page so each picture is large) and place into a plastic page protector sleeve that you can get from any office supply store. Tack them in appropriate places in your home. Post them in each space as to how you want that space to be. Your picture of a better kitchen is posted in the kitchen where you’ll see it. Your living room picture should be posted in the living room. Do the same with your pictures for the bathroom, bedroom, library, etc. On my kitchen door (that leads outside)for example, I have a picture of what I want my house and garage to be so I look at and study each for a moment every time I leave my house. Also on the door I have pictures of several cars, a van, and a plane. Now when I leave my home, I “see” what my house and garage “are” (thinking that these already exist here in the present) and decide whether I will take my car, van, or plane to my destination!

You are now ready to retrain your mind and your thinking to "see" what you want and less of what you don't want. By using these pictures you'll now see what you want and not just what I currently have. Your mind, subconscious and the universe can now go to work to change your situation. 

Have fun with this and you will see that what you think about comes about. Do this and be sure to leave your comments below so your experience can help others.

(If you would like to get a PDF copy of this article which shows my pictures I used for this exercise, please go to and request the “See to Be” article and pics. Your cost is only one dollar and the entire proceeds will go to a charity). 

Make it a great day!

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